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Chaosmen - Bryan & Tad - Serviced (1080p)

Talk about a trigger-happy guy! Tad was nervous about doing the blow job.

Clearly he is a bit uncomfortable to start with, but I think that discomfort turns into more of, "Stop I'm going to cum!"

I asked him if he was able to cum from a blow job, and he said sure. If you have been playing along with these Serviced videos, I am always worried about the plan of attack with an uncut guy.

Well, I must have been hitting on the right notes. Twice we had to stop.

The second time, I pull off quickly, and there is this beautiful shot of his dick twitching and standing at complete attention. I couldn't help myself and gave it a little lick, and out spurts a glob of cum.

Shit! Did I make him cum? I decided I better jerk on it and make him cum all the way rather than leave him squirting with half an orgasm.

But it was false alarm, he didn't cum. Phew!

I had it in the back of my mind that did actually did cum, just one squirt, and his dick would go limp. But it stayed hard. So I flipped him on over to see if he would enjoy having his ass rimmed.

I had to be careful playing with his cock while I did it, 'cuz he was twitching while I did that.

I dunno, I feel like I have had a fair number of stoic Serviced guys, so it was nice change to work with someone so easily turned on.

Kind of a short video, 'cuz as soon as I flip him back over and start on his cock full tilt, he just unloads as easy as can be.

I know I have some cock-sucking skills, but these guys that cum so fast make me wonder if something on a deeper level is going on...or they just have had terrible blow jobs all their lives!

Format: mp4
Duration: 9:38
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